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  • How Does Domestic Shipping Work?
    Sorting and shipping usually takes about two days. For example, on a Wednesday night break, cards are scheduled to be shipped, via USPS, on Saturday morning. Tracking numbers will be provided for all packages shipped. If you purchased via eBay, this tracking number will be added to your auction listing once the shipment has been processed. If you purchase through our website, you will receive a tracking number through your email. If you are not seeing the tracking numbers in your email, please check your SPAM filter and whitelist anything coming from our domain of to ensure that you will see those messages going forward. All packages will be shipped to the address you have entered in your account on our website or eBay. If paying with PayPal, your PayPal mailing address MUST match the address in your website account. Once we have shipped a package to you, your shipping address will be saved in our address book. As an added benefit for purchasing breaks through our web site is that Domestic shipping is $4.50 no matter how many items you ship. However, insurance is not included. If you would like to pay to upgrade your package to Priority Mail and/or require a signature on your package and/or would like to add Insurance on your package, please e-mail with your request. UPS/FedEx shipments can be accommodated upon request, however, you must cover the cost of the shipment and it can become very expensive depending on your location.
  • How Does International Shipping Work?
    International shipping cost $13.00 USD for shipping to Canada and $21.00 for Europe and Aisa. Cards will be shipped by USPS First Class Package International Service. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND upgrading to USPS Priority Mail for ALL International Shipments. An International Small Flat Rate Box (approx. $30-$35 USD) can usually fit most regular shipments. If you would like to pay to upgrade to USPS Priority or request a UPS/FedEx shipment, please send an email to: Once the USPS accepts a package from us, we can not control the speed of delivery. We are not responsible for packages that become lost while in the possession of the USPS.
  • What is your Refund Policy on Group Breaks?
    Once a group break has started there are absolutely no refunds.
  • What Types of Breaks are There?
    Pick Your Team (PYT) Collectors buy a single team from an entire box or case of cards. Teams are priced based on the amount of cards in the checklist for that specific team. If you are an avid fan or personal collector of a specific team, this break style is for you! Random Team Style All spots in Random Team Style breaks are the same price. Before the cards are opened, we use to determine which customer gets which team. Random Divisions This is similar to the Random Team breaks but each break is divided up by division, instead of by team. For example, a baseball break would be divided into NL East, NL West, AL East, AL West, etc . Draft Styles In these breaks, each spot purchased is guaranteed a hit. We will to pick you spot and do a snake draft until all the hits are picked. You must be present or reachable when the product is opened so that you may choose your card(s). Random Hit All cards are opened and recorded. The hits are assigned to each customer using Mixers This style draft allows collectors to get a team from a variety of years of a card product. You can collect your favorite team throughout the years and get whatever hits come to your team. These breaks can be sold as team or random style breaks. Personal Box Break We have a stock of boxes on our website that we call Personals. You can purchase a personal box of cards and we will open it live for you online.
  • What Happens when I "Get Skunked"?"
    HITLESS! In the break world, this is called getting skunked! No need to worry! You will still receive all of your base. However, we have also been skunked in the past so we know what you are feeling and we will try our best to relieve the skunking. We have no idea what are in the boxes or cases of cards so it is possible for you not to get a hit. If this does occur, a percentage of your purchase will be given back to you in United credits to be used on your next break. We will also try to include an extra pack, a manufactured giveaway, or even a friendly comment…something to alleviate the pain of the skunking.
  • Who gets THAT Card? The Determining Factors.
    Priority order #1: All cards will go to the name of the team on the card even if the player is traded or retired or just an actor pretending to be is on that team. Priority order # 2: Hall of Famers/Current Players - Hall of famers with no team designation on card will be awarded to the team in which they played the most years. All current players with no team designation on card will be awarded to the player's current team. For example, if the player is playing on a college or Team USA the card will go to the team the player is currently on for that particular year of product. Priority order #3: All non-sport or cards without a team on it will be randomized between all participants in the break. In the event that a disput arises on team designation for a player appearing on a card -- the OFFICIAL Manufacturer Checklist will be used to settle the dispute.
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