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Kid's only Breaks

 Here at United Sports Card, we are all about family.  So on the second weekend of each month we have a kids only break.  Since we are not sure what activities, practice, or games our kids will be in, the date and time will be posted in advance on our Facebook page but may change month to month.  The break will be family friendly (Rated G) and is primarily directed at ages 8 - 14.  


This is a fun, free break to share the excitement and joy we have in sports cards with our families.  There is interaction and contest questions during the break.  Please participate with you child and share your love of collecting with them.   It will be good family time.  It does not matter if they are your children, your grandchildren, your niece/nephew etc, please be available to help.  


The prohibitive cost of doing a free kids break is shipping.   If there are 32 kids participating in a NFL football break, shipping the cards would cost close between $100 - $150.   The solution is that we will ship your child's cards with your next order.  Since you are participating (hopefully) in a break that month, we will just ship your break results with your child's.  It will be a fun mail day for both of you.  If something comes up and you were not able to get in a break that month, please contact us and we can make other arrangement to ship your child's cards.   

Random spots

Spots will be randomly picked.  Every effort will be made to give your child his or her favorite team/athlete.  However if there are 10 kids wanting the Texas Rangers, it is just not possible to accommodate those request.   So for each break, teams/athletes will be randomly assigned.  We will try to include some of the more popular teams/athletes in our contest prizes.  

September 2020 Kids Break
2020 Panini NFL Stickers

Thanks! See you at the break!

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